Paying Child Support Doesn’t Absolve You of Being a Deadbeat Dad

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A deadbeat dad isn’t necessarily someone who can’t or won’t provide for his child.

A man can contribute financially, truly believe he’s a great father, and still be a deadbeat dad.

Here’s how:

He doesn’t respect his children’s mother

He continuously ignores her and rebuffs her efforts to build a working relationship for the sake of making their children’s lives easier. Continues on the next pages…

He chooses to think with his penis instead of his brain

He decides to go out partying with ‘his boys’ and sleep around instead of taking the time to bond with and care for his kids.

He’s surrounded by bad influences

He’s always being told by those around him how great he is for manning up and paying child support, so truly believes he’s doing enough for his children.

He’s dependent

A grown ass man who’s still being taken care of by his mother will not instantly step up and raise his children – that’s ‘hard work’ and he has no clue how to handle it.

He doesn’t know how to love and isn’t willing to learn

If he hasn’t experienced love and heartbreak, he will more than likely hide his emotions.

Children require a lot of love and affection and these aren’t things he knows how to share with anybody.

His words don’t match his actions

He breaks his promises, is never consistently in the children’s life, and makes excuses as to why he can’t commit to always being there.

He’s selfish

He only cares about himself and his future. This is ultimately the real reason why he is labelled a deadbeat dad.

He hasn’t stopped to think about the people he helped create and how much they need him in their lives.

If he’d just take a second to recognize all the pain he’s causing, maybe he’d work harder to deserve that ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug.

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