Facebook is helping bust deadbeat dads who skip out on child support

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Deadbeat dads

Social media is helping bust deadbeat dads who skip out on paying child support.

WITI-TV reported that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office uses Facebook to help determine whether fathers really don’t have the money to support their kids or if they just don’t want to pay.

John Rau is accused of paying just $189 in child support for his 3-year-old son Casey. That’s less than 14 cents a day since his son was born. Casey has leukemia. Article continues on the next pages.

Casey suffered

For a year and a half, Casey suffered through chemotherapy, spinal taps and dozens of hospital stays. He even had to learn to walk again with physical therapy.

WITI reported that Rau brags on Facebook about how much money he makes.

When WITI confronted Rau, he said he didn’t know his son was sick until last Christmas and he intends to start paying.

His bragging on social media is exactly why he’s now facing felony charges for failing to pay child support.


And Rau is not the only one. Several other deadbeat fathers have been busted under similar circumstances.

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