You’ll Regret Leaving the Girl Who Would’ve Healed Your Heart

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“Her heart belonged to someone, someone who is perfect for her, someone who she’s longing for, but someone who wouldn’t stay.” -C.M.S

The sad thing is even after you left her scrambling to pick up the pieces of her broken heart, she still cares enough about you that she’d pick up the phone if you called.

Despite how much you hurt her, she’d give you the opportunity to explain and would try her best to look at the situation through your eyes.

She’s brilliant, intelligent, kind, opinionated, beautiful and has the biggest heart you’ll ever see, yet you threw her away like she was trash.

She did everything she could to make you smile. She woke up thinking about you and made sure you knew you were on her mind. Continues on the next pages…

This girl laughed off your messy habits. She understood that you had a past and never judged you on it. She was in your corner, always pushing you to achieve your goals because she believed in you.

She made you a priority in her life.

But you treated her like she was easily replaceable. She’s not a girl you can drag along behind you for the ride, she’ll only take so much inconsistency before eventually cutting ties.

You only reach out when you remember that being single isn’t that great and miss having a girl who’ll leave a glass of water on your bedside table when she knows you’ll need it in the morning

She would’ve fought for the love you blindly threw away. She’d give you a million chances because that’s just who she is.

Your experiences with previous girls left a bad taste in your mouth, so you pushed away someone who would’ve gladly helped you heal. That’s the girl worth fighting for and taking a chance on.

When all your friends are in relationships and you’re the last single guy in the group, you’ll think back on how great she was and miss the love you should have held on to.

By then, she’ll have stopped trying to convince you that she’s worth your time. She will finally understand that she’s worthy of so much more than you have to offer.

She’ll have deleted your texts, taken down your photos, and gotten rid of anything that reminded her of you.

It’ll be too late. Once her heart has healed and she’s back on the market, there will be a guy willing to go the distance for her. He’ll know better than to ever let her go.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and by some miracle, she won’t have given up on you. In that case, I hope you show her that you’re done playing games with her heart.

She deserves to be fought for, to be loved the way she loves those around her. Maybe one day you’ll be worthy of the kind of love she gives so readily.

But for right now, congratulations, you let the best thing to ever happen to you walk away without batting an eye.

For your sake, I hope the sand hasn’t completely run out of the hourglass. I hope you have one last chance to fix your mistake.

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