You are not alone. Tomorrow is a new day.

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There is nothing quite like a battle with a two year old to make you question everything about your parenting.

…as I walked away in tears tonight not knowing whether to stick to my guns or give in (she’s only 2!), I didn’t want to hear someone else’s opinion, I just wanted to feel less alone.

I wanted a hug and someone to tell me that the moments are long, the days can be hard but I’m doing the best I can and that’s enough.

I wanted someone to grip my hand and remind me I’m doing the right thing and this is the hardest job I’ll ever have and maybe remind me to breathe.

I wanted someone to tell me that she is only two and following my hearts, as her mother, is the best thing I could do for her because I know her better than anyone else in this world.

I wanted to know that as lonely as this battle sometimes feels, that I am not alone and my children’s well being is what will make me victorious – not a clean dinner plate or a spotless house.

5 years ago I would have laughed if someone told me it would be dinner with an over tired two year old that would break me most days.
I would have rolled my eyes at someone that I would dread mealtimes because of the fight that would ensue.

But times have changed and here I am sitting here in the aftermath of an epic battle with a two year and I just want to remind every other mama out there that might be in the same spot…

You are not alone. Tomorrow is a new day. – Bethany Jacobs

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