Worst Parents in History

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Anyone can have kids, but that doesn’t mean they should. Here are a few parents that would have been better off not.

Pageant Mom Lies About Giving Botox to her 8-Year-Old Child

This controversial story ultimately proved to be a hoax, but that, in some ways, makes it even worse.

34-year-old British mother Kerry Campbell claimed that, before beauty pageants, she would inject her eight-year-old’s face with botox to smooth out wrinkles. The daughter even got in on the act by stating that, while she used to cry every time the injections were made, she had learned to tough it out.

Naturally, this turned heads. Eventually, it was found that the woman had been paid by The Sun to make up the whole affair in order to circulate a fabricated, controversial story. But before you let out a sigh of relief, consider that this woman willingly put herself and her daughter into the limelight – the public scrutiny – for a little money. That is truly sick. Continues on the next pages…

Drunk Dad Lets Nine Year Old Drive His Car

It’s a terrible idea to drink and drive. Always have a designated driver if you’re going out for a few drinks. Just – word of obvious advice – do not make your nine year old child the designated driver.

While you’d think that no one in their right mind would ever let their child drive their car, one drunken father in Detroit let his nine year old daughter drive the car for him while he was drunk in the passenger seat. Surprisingly, she turned out to be a fairly adept driver, and no one was hurt.

Even when the police pulled her over, she asked, “Why did you stop me? I was driving good.”

While the visual of a sweet girl telling an officer that is precious, the father was arrested. No one should be surprised by that.

Mother Sets Up a Fight Between her Daughter and Another Girl… and Films It

In Orlando, Florida, footage emerged online of two girls, 14 and 17, getting into a vicious fist-fight. When the police investigated, it turned out that not only was the younger girl’s mother present at the fight, but she had invited others to watch the fight after luring the 17 year old to the scene..

When the authorities questioned her, she insisted she had tried to break up the fight, but men held her back. When she realized that the footage showed her not only unrestrained but also shouting “Hit harder,” she confessed that she had arranged the whole affair so the two girls could settle their fight.

The mother was charged with child abuse, and the two girls were suspended from school. No teaching moments from this one.

Father Punishes Daughter By Making Her Fight in Medieval Armor

Some parents punish their kids by grounding them, taking away their television privileges, or yelling at them. But one Seattle father thought it would be a good idea to punish his daughter by making her fight him in Medieval armor with a wooden sword for two hours.

The 16 year old had wanted to go to a party; to keep her from doing so, her father made her fight him from 2 AM to 4 AM. Beforehand, he had beaten her with a stick… and then they fight.

The daughter, however, did not take this standing down. She texted photos of her bruising, which promptly resulted in the parents being arrested.

Parents Tried to “Return” a Seven-Year-Old Adoptee Back to Russia

Russian authorities were called to a Moscow airport when seven year old Artyom Savelyev arrived alone in the city. The plane, which had traveled from Tennessee, took the boy alone from the United States to Russia.

American police learned that the boy had been brought to the airport by his adoptive grandmother, and dumped there. The adoptive family claimed that the boy was “unstable.” She claimed she sent him on the plane for the safety of herself and her family, but the child, as far as anyone could tell, didn’t seem to display any unstable tendencies on the plane ride across the country.

The family didn’t consider it child abandonment because they left the child in the care of the stewardess on the plane; they were confident that despite all her other duties, she would focus solely on the child. Artyom told authorities that his adoptive mother would frequently pull at his hair and throw fits around him. Clearly, someone in this scenario was not stable.

This event was so bad that Russia banned all American parents from adopting orphans out of Russia after several years of deliberation.

Mother Irons her Daughter’s Face. For Mispronouncing a Word.

42-year-old Hope Askew (yes, that’s really her name), got angry when her 10 year old daughter struggled to read a few words aloud from a book. To discipline her daughter for failing to say a word correctly, she put a burning-hot iron to her girl’s face – twice.

Askew told authorities that the iron-shaped burns on her daughter face had happened when her daughter had gotten into an accident with a hot skillet. Authorities saw through the lies, however, and arrested the mother on charges of child abuse.

Askew never showed any remorse for her actions. She didn’t attend to her daughter’s injuries, letting them fester and blister on their own. She apparently thought that this diabolical method would prevent the young girl from mispronouncing words in the future.

South Korean Parents are Too Busy Playing Video Games to Feed Child; their virtual child survives while their real life one dies.

Headlines sprang up across the Pacific when news broke out that a three-month-old girl died of starvation. The girl had parents, of course; where were they?

Turns out the parents had not wanted to have a child. The pregnancy had been an accident. Neither the mother or father had a job, and, clearly, could not deal with the consequences of their actions – so they spent all day in an internet cafe, playing video games. Their child stayed home alone, crying and begging for food… and they’d ignore it.

Instead, they raised a baby in a digital game. A virtual child took the place of their real flesh-and-blood offspring. As a result, the more time they put into that child, the more their actual child starved.

There is no upside to this story. When the baby died, alone and forgotten, the parents tried once again to escape their problems by running away from the law. But they were eventually apprehended, and charged with child abuse and neglect. The case became something of a national shock across South Korea, as it was one of many then-recent deaths related to obsessive gaming. In Korea, this is regarded as a serious, deadly addiction.

Mother Murders Child for Interrupting Her Game of Farmville

Child negligence is awful; even worse is when a parent outright murders their child for interrupting a game.

22-year-old Alexandra Tobias was playing the mobile game Farmville – a casual game meant to pass time in waiting rooms – when her baby started crying. Irritated, she started shaking her child to shut him up. Then she stopped, smoked a cigarette, and went back to shaking her baby until either his neck snapped from whiplash or his head crashed into a hard surface.

Either way, the result was the same.

The three month old died.

Three Year Old Bound in Closet Full of Fecal Matter

Authorities were horrified when they found a three year old child locked in the babysitter’s closet, wrapped in a trash bag full of fecal matter, her hands and feet bound, and mouth duct-taped.

The mother had left her with her babysitter, never bothering to check up on the young girl. Authorities determined that the mother had shaved her daughter’s head down to the scalp so she could con people into giving her money to pay for her daughter’s cancer medicine.

The babysitter abused the child in unimaginable ways; it was compounded by the fact that her mother didn’t care for her daughter in any real way.

Arizona authorities determined that the case was the worst child abuse scandal in the history of the state.

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