Woman Made A Blog After People Kept Asking What Was WRONG With Her Daughter’s Face

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Meet Charlie Crenshaw

Meet Charlie Crenshaw, a spunky young baby girl who is very friendly. Most people only see her abnormal face, however.

She Suffers From Capillary Hemangioma

Her mom is Katie Mullis Crenshaw. The mother must constantly giver the child daily medication to stop the condition, Capillary Hemangioma, from growing and obstructing her vision.

She Has Started A Blog

In order to deal with this hardship, Katie started a blog. She hopes to educate, and allow people to see the truth about her daughter.

She Wants People To Appreciate Her Daughter

She hopes that the blog will show people the real baby Charlie. She just wants people to appreciate her.

The Condition Is Harmless

The condition is completely harmless. It’s merely a cosmetic blemish.

She Wants To Educate

Katie also hopes to educate people through her blog. The condition is not very well-known.

Please Don’t Talk About It

Katie’s final wish? Please don’t talk about it every time you see her!

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