Why Mom Always Keeps Hydrogen Peroxide In The House

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Toothpaste Solution

A DIY toothpaste: hydrogen peroxide 3% (topical solution) and baking soda.
Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to plain baking soda to form a paste.
Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used as a “debriding” mouthwash (when mixed with water) to help remove natural secretions that can aggravate a sore mouth. It’s also considered to be a homespun method for whitening teeth. In any application, hydrogen peroxide should not be ingested.

Soak Fruit And Veggies To Remove Bacteria

Make your own hydrogen peroxide soak: add just 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide to a sink full of cold water. Rinse thoroughly.

A Boost

Give your dishwasher a boost: Add two ounces of hydrogen peroxide to your dishwasher detergent, it will provide a super-sanitizing boost–both to your dishes and dishwasher.

Disinfect Wounds

Keep in mind that this method should now only be used in an emergency when no other disinfecting agents–like mild, natural soap–are available

No-Bleach Whitener

Adding one cup of HP to your wash is a great way to naturally boost whites, remove stains and clean your machine at the same time!

Miracle Cleaner

You can DIY! 1 part Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (the original blue kind) and 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide, spray it on stains, wait a couple of minutes… and the stains will vanish!

Reviving Shower Curtains

Just soak the mildew or yellow areas in equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water, rinse and you’ll see the difference.

Toenail Infections

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural anti-microbial. Soak the infected foot for 20 minutes daily in half a gallon of warm water mixed with half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide.


Make your own natural mouthwash: mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and fresh water, and,as with any mouthwash, remember never to swallow. The taste will be bitter.

Toilet Bowl Rings

Remove them with half a cup HP in the bowl. Let it stand for 20 minutes and wipe clean.

Foul Odors

You can get rid of them with this concoction:
2 squirts of liquid dish soap
2 tablespoons of baking soda
15 ounces of hydrogen peroxide
Mix together the following ingredients, apply, scrub and rinse.

Sanitize Toys

Spray them with hydrogen peroxide and dry them.

Revive Old Pans

Baking soda and hygrogen peroxide mixture+time: miracle!


Equal mixture of water an HP= clean, streak-free mirrors.

Destruction of viruses

3 drops of HP in each ear, and let drain, will eliminate earwax and any viruses that like to fester such as “swimmers ear”.

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