Why Being A Mom Is One Of The Most Rewarding Things In Life

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In my opinion, being a mom is the toughest job in the whole world.

I also believe it is also one of the most rewarding things out there.

You get to create a life, and carry that life until they are ready to come out.

You get to birth them into the world. Raise them right, see them grow. You see every smile, laugh, first steps and all other milestones…it’s amazing.

And that first time they wrap their little arms around you or give you a tight hug, sends a ridiculous amount of happiness throughout your body. Continues on the next pages…

But that isn’t all being a mom is about.

It isn’t all about the cute little toes and their adorable little noses.

Being a mom is challenging. It’s a job that doesn’t pay (other than kisses) and is never ending.

Being a mom is about getting up every morning, slapping your face with water, looking in the mirror, pep talking yourself on how you’re not only gonna care for yourself today, but a whole other human as well.

Being a mom is about being spit on, pooped on, later yelled at and getting doors slammed in your face.

Being a mom is about having stretch marks, wrinkles, and tons of sleepless nights.

But for some reason, even with all of the nasty diapers and all of the crazy things that these little humans are capable of doing, being a mom is still the most rewarding thing.

There is something special about the love you get back from your children. After disciplining them, they still look at you like you are the greatest thing on Earth.

When they fall down, they cry for you. They need you.

I never expected that after becoming a mother my emotions would be so enhanced. I’ve found feelings I never knew I had.

Knowing that you are someone’s go-to person, you are someones everything, is so rewarding.

And knowing the trust your children put in you is ultimately the strongest trust out there. You could never break that trust. You could never let them down.

Being a mom is much more difficult than I could have ever imagined it would be, but it’s also much more fun, exciting, and rewarding, too.

I always thought being a parent was the end of the line. I was taught you should grow up, live your life to the fullest, achieve all your goals you set out to achieve, then find a lover, settle down and then have children.

But, it’s reversed. Having your children is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

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