What Do White Spots On Your Nails Tell About Your Health? It Is Actually A Warning!

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A Common Thing

Most people think that those white spots have to do with having a calcium deficiency, but that’s not exactly why they show up.


The medical term for these spots is ‘leukonychia’, and it is simply a white discoloration of the nail.

Different Shapes

The can be spots or also show up as white horizontal bands on your fingernails.


They are caused by trapping of an air bubble or from minor injuries that affect the matrix of your fingernails.


They can be inherited, but they can also suggest certain medical issues.

How To Prevent Them

A diet rich in protein can help you get rid of these spots, while adequate consumption of zinc also helps.

If Persistent

If you haven’t had any constant trauma on your fingers and have many of these spots, you should talk with your doctor in order to figure out what is causing damage to your nail matrix.

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