Two Days After His Wife Left Him And Their Son After A Fight He Posted This Shocking Letter!

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They Had A Fight

A couple with a new baby had a fight. This is the letter the man posted the next day.

Huge Argument

My darling,

Two days ago we had a huge argument.

He Didn’t Help

You weren’t in a good mood, trying to put the baby to sleep and I turned up the volume.

The Wife Asked This Question

“Would it kill you to play a more active role in your children’s upbringing?”

Angry Words

I said terrible things to you that I can never take back, so you tearfully ran out of the house.

Someone Had To Do It

I was forced to ask my boss for a day off to take care of the children

Come Home!


I experienced to run around so much that I didn’t even have a chance to shower. I experienced being cooped up all day without speaking to an adult. So please, come back home!

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