To the Single Mom Who Thinks She’s Doing it All Wrong, This Is For You

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It’s so heart-wrenching to feel so sad when you have the smile of the human that loves you the most following you around the house.

It’s easiest to smile when the pitter-patter of those tiny, chunky toes come wiggling to your arms for a big hug.

You hold all of the darkness inside until late at night when the baby’s silky eyelids close in the comfort of their own bed. That’s when your own eyes let out the heavy tears that filled up during the harsh struggles of the long day. Continues on the next pages…

It’s so hard to do this all alone.

It’s so hard to wake up every single morning and be the only hands that guide those little legs to the table for breakfast.

Through all the exhaustion, you still do it all with a smile and love in your eyes. You’re so tired of raising this little soul on your own, but you take pride in the happiness they show the world with their little chuckles. Those giggles are a product of your hard work.

It’s okay to own your struggles.

It’s perfectly acceptable to become so overwhelmed with the obstacles placed in the path of your two person family.

This is absolutely not the life that you imagined for your child, but you are making the most of it. You’re doing one hell of a great job.

You are the perfect mother for your baby.

It’s so wonderful to see the strength that you possess during the long days while holding in all of the heartaches in front of your innocent baby.

Continue to kiss the forehead of your baby and pass your strength on to them.

There’s no reason to believe that you are doing this all wrong. Love is never wrong.

Be strong, Momma. You’ve got an even stronger child to guide through the obstacles, too.

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