To The Man I Let Get Away

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I didn’t know you

I didn’t even know you for that long yet you latched onto my heart like a leech, and I can’t shake you off.

You were gentle and respected my boundaries even though I know you wanted more. I can’t say I have ever experienced anything quite like that with anyone else before. And it made me feel like you actually cared. Continues on the next pages.

You were the breath of fresh air I needed from every other guy.

I started to question everything I thought I ever wanted, and somehow, all of a sudden, they pointed more to you. I found myself wanting to be near you. Like a magnet searching for its other half. Looking for your eyes in the crowd. And feeling complete when I finally found them.

It felt warm and tingly

All of those cheesy love quotes were making sense. No, I didn’t love you in that short of time but there was something there that I hadn’t felt before.

It felt warm and tingly and made me catch my breath. And it took everything in me not to completely throw myself at you in fear of becoming annoying or changing your mind about how you felt about me.

Drunken night

But then that one drunken night, I did. I threw every ounce of myself right at you. Which scared you. It would scare anyone.

I want so badly to just blame the alcohol, but I don’t think I can. This is what I had tried so hard to contain. The magnetic force that made my body want to be near you all the time.

The words I wanted to say but knew I shouldn’t yet. Those all came out when I was no longer in a state of mind to keep them in, and you ran. I don’t blame you.

It’s going to hurt to see you talking to other girls.

To not be able to cuddle up in your arms and feel you pull me close. To keep replaying what I did wrong in my head. But this is the mistake I have to deal with. The mistake that I will have to learn and grow from.

But know that my strong and guarded heart won’t let me hurt for too long. Longer than those before you but not forever.

I will take the care you showed and remind myself that there are still good guys out there. That there are guys out there looking for more than just one meaningless night. And that you are going to make a lucky girl so happy one day.

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