To the Guy Who Left Me Shattered, Thanks For Showing Me How Strong I Am

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I spent so much time bleary-eyed, sobbing over you.

I couldn’t help but wonder what made me so unlovable, why you decided I just wasn’t worth holding onto.

Some time has passed and I’ve finally almost healed. This has been a long journey for me and, as crazy as this sounds, I want to thank you for breaking my heart.

Losing you taught me that sometimes in life, no matter how hard we try, things that we want are just not meant for us.

I now know to cherish every beautiful second, because tomorrow may have different things in store.

Losing you forced me to look deep inside myself, face the burning core of my pain, and pull strength from places I didn’t even know existed. Continues on the next pages…

I would never have known I had hidden wells of strength if it hadn’t been for you.

I know that sometimes people are brought into our lives to teach us lessons so we can learn and grow.

Thank you for not seeing the greatest parts in me, for not appreciating me, for dragging me through the mud only to leave me all alone.

These things taught me my value. I now know all of the things I will never tolerate again.

You leaving was one of the best things that ever happened because now I’m free.

I’m free from feeling like I have to conform to your standards in order to be loved and from the sadness, pain, and self-doubt you inspired.

I am free to find the man that will love every part of me, including my flaws and imperfections.

And in the meantime, I am content by myself.

I’d rather be alone than with a f*ckboy who does nothing but hurt me.

I’m finally embracing all those things that you didn’t like about me. I love me.

And you know what? Someone else will too.

Your inability to see my worth doesn’t mean I’m not amazing, it just means you’re too dumb to appreciate me.

So thank you for teaching me that I do not have to be loved by a man to be happy.

Thank you for teaching me that I should never apologize for who I truly am because I am amazing.

Thank you for teaching me how to love myself.

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