To My Baby Girl, No Matter Where Life Takes You Mommy Has Your Back

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I never loved anyone as much as I love you!

Did you know that I used to talk to you before you were born? I used to sing to you and tell you how much I loved you!

I never loved anyone as much as I love you! I was young and scared. And whether I was ready or not you were coming. I wondered if I would be a good mom or not. I still question that everyday. But I try to do my best for you. I try to work hard and better myself for you!

Do you know how special you are? You brighten everybody’s day! You are so beautiful, so sweet. My little angel. You have blessed my life so much. Continues on the next pages…

I believe you have kept me safe from harm.

You have given me hope for better days. You are truly a blessing I hope you know that.

Mommy loves you.

No matter where life takes you I have your back. Whatever choices you make good or bad I may not always agree with them but I will be here through it all. I will not judge you for your mistakes. We all make them, and god knows I have made my own set of mistakes.

You can count on me.

I know that even though you are only two years old you’ve been through Alot of changes already. I promise I will explain it all to you one day.

I hope you never resent me for trying to take care of you the best way that I know how. I pray that life is kind to you. And that even though I know you will have challenges I hope that they will never be as hard as mine were.

 I will protect you.

You deserve the very best and I will fight for you. I will protect you. I will love you without conditions because you are the love of my life.

Whatever you do be strong, and never give up.

If you find yourself feeling alone or sad you can turn to me. I will wipe your tears and hold you close.

Mommy loves you so much.

I hope you have ambition! I hope you make it far in life and that all your dreams come true. No matter what I hope you can learn to love yourself. People are mean and the world is cold, but don’t let them dim the light in your sparkly brown eyes.

You’re so special to me. I just want you to know that. You are my whole world.

Mommy loves you forever and always.

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