These Reasons Why Men Cheat Will Surprise You

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Natural Born Liars

Some men are straight up LIARS..and they always will be. They find a thrill in sneaking behind your back to see how long they can get away with cheating.

He Needs Confidence

His relationship is his the more he has, the more confident he becomes!

Still Immature

If he’s bro-ing around with his friends like he’s still in college…he’s probably willing to cheat on you just to look cool to them.

Damaged Goods

Men go through just as much emotional trauma as women, yet they handle it HORRIBLY – suppressing their hurt and taking it out on their next relationship. Not fair!

Crazy Expectations

You’re not perfect and neither is he. So when he expects everything to be smooth sailing, he may began to stray if it’s not.


If their not finding joy and excitement in their relationship, they’ll look for it somewhere else! Remember it’s not your fault, he should leave the relationship if it no longer satisfies him.

Love Or Lust?

Many guys think lust is love, and make horrible decisions on just who they should be in a relationship with. Unfortunately, f he only wants the lust, he will never settle down with you!

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