The wife looked at herself in the mirror and asked her husband:

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Do you still love me.?
The man replied: Oh yes! But is my body not the same as when we first met?
No, I did not notice, the man replied.
She put her hand on her stomach and
look my belly is much bigger and heavier,
My legs are not smooth anymore.
She came to him with tears in her eyes and asked, “Why do you
love me like this?”
The man replied:
Look, when I touch your body, I feel
your love,
I see your kind heart,
I see your beautiful figure,
I know it’s a perfect shape,
I love you.
Don’t be mad at the way you look,
enjoy the way I see you,
And the way I still feel you.
I fell in love with the sensuality
and kindness of your soul, not with
the bustle of your body, and through
tears I drew a smile on her face,
which shines again.
That’s how it should be in life and love, because
you love not with your eyes, but with
your heart.”
Unknown author ✍️

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