The Secret Connection Between Your Period And Your Health

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Your Period Health

Take a look at the flow and color of your period. It can tell you alot. In the next pages you can find out what different colors mean.

Three Colors Of Your Period

Most periods are one of these three colors and consistencies …
mashed frozen blueberries
strawberries jam
cranberry juice

Frozen Blueberries

A period that looks like frozen blueberries indicates a possible high cholesterol estrogen level, which could lead to heavier cycles. Estrogen causes the lining to be thicker than normal, causing cramping.

Strawberry Jam

A strawberry jam type period could mean that estrogen levels are low, causing irregular and late periods. This can also be caused by using birth control.

Cranberry Juice

A cranberry juice color and liquidity is the perfect period, starting on time and not being too heavy or painful.


Sometimes spotting may occur between periods which could be caused by a hormonal imbalance, infection, stress, or even cancer. Get checked by your doctor if it persists.


Very painful periods are typically caused by endometriosis, affecting about 10% of women. This happens when the uterine lining grows outside the uterus instead of inside.

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