Surprising Uses Of Toothpaste and You Can Ease Your Life In Many Ways

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Hanging Posters

Add a little toothpaste on each corner of your poster and hang it on the wall. We guarantee it will stick for as long as you’d like!


Tired of the scratched on the paint of your car? Rube a bit on a towel to buff those out instantly.


Scratched CD-s and DVD-s will work again after rubbing toothpaste on them.

Clean Hands

Get rid of dirt that wont seem to come off your hands with just water and soap.


Toothpaste eliminates odors and gets rid of stains on your shoes.

Phone Cleaner

Yep, you can clean your phone with toothpaste to have it shining like new.

Bite Cream

Relieve yourself of the itching that happens when you get a mosquito bite.

Dye Stains

Use toothpaste to remove dye stains that happen when with your towels.

Water Spots

Water spots can be extremely stubborn in the shower, but not anymore.

Piano Keys

Have dirty piano keys? Well now they’ll shine like never before.


Headlights seem to get foggy over time, so get them sparkly and bright by rubbing toothpaste on them.

The Silver

Polish your fancy silver with toothpaste on a towel…and they’ll smell minty fresh!


Of course this magical substance has been used on pimples since it was first created.

Nail Remover

You can remove nail polish and make your hands smell fresh by rubbing them with toothpaste.

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