Soldier Found His Wife Slept With 60 Men Behind His Back, See What The Revenge Was!

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How awful is it to find out that the ones you love do not even show a single symptom to be true to you? Especially, when you spend most of your time working hard for them and their happiness! ¬†You would be honestly disgusted when you come to learn about the story of this poor soldier, who goes by name Frizzmaster on Reddit. He came to know about his cheating wife via her relatives and for a final closure straight from the horse’s mouth as well i.e. the woman, whom he entitled Thundercunt in his write up.

The fairy tale marriage

He met her through a friend and they hit it off quite well. He believed it was love, and she was everything. She would even play video games so as to enjoy his company, but he could not stay long with her due to his duties. The only thing that made them staying together possible was marriage…a bad decision.

And they lived happily ever after?

Well, an answer to that would be a big NO! His Tricare would cover the medical costs for the seizures she had in her sleep, he would also stay by her side while she went through the ailment.

When things changed

He pretty much started to notice things like her frequent needs to take her mother to the hospital and the car he bought seen parked in different parking spots as well as her heading to a Walmart, which was a town over.

Call of duty

Then the order came, and he had been posted to Korea, where he stayed a year long. From there he got orders for Texas, and that was where he found out about her. Shockingly, the source was her own family, her brother, mother, uncle and aunt. She had told them that Frizzmaster was gay, and he himself was pointing on men, she can sleep with as he doesn’t want to come out of the closet.

The confession

Finally, one day she broke it to him over a phone call, why? The woman got pregnant! And there was no way Frizzmaster was the father, he had been away. She admitted that the father was an African-American, and the guy was of an Irish ancestry.

Plan execution

He started off with the divorce proceedings without her knowledge and started packing his belongings so as to prevent her from selling anything away. The next thing he did was to avenge his car from her entirely new boyfriend, who wasn’t the baby’s father either.

She just wouldn’t give up

Since, she had committed adultery hence she refused to present the result of the paternity test in the courtroom without which the Judge couldn’t proceed. So, they had to settle for another date.

The court hearing

Judge came in five minutes later, but the court was called to order and till then Frizzmaster’s lawyer had legally cornered the lady, asking her embarrassing but revealing questions. She answered truthfully, good for her. She even tried to throw dirt over him but the soldier stayed calm.

The Result

Finally, she was convicted and Frizzmaster was granted a no-contact order. As for her, she was given 30-day notice to pack and leave Frizzmaster’s house and never to set foot back again. Basically, she turned out to be the best thing he never had. Good riddance to Frizzmaster.

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