Signs You’re Dating A Keeper, Not A Player

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He Doesn’t Have a Bad Reputation

One of the most obvious signs that a guy is a player is his dating history. If he’s got a trail of broken hearts and baby mamas, you’re a fool to think you’re the one woman who will change all that. Continues on the next pages…

He Loves You For You

Maybe you’re not super stylish, or you’re really nerdy when it comes to your movie collection, or maybe you don’t have a fancy job and expensive things. None of that matters to him. In fact, he probably finds a lot of your “quirks” charming.

He Doesn’t Hide Things From You

When he gets a text, does he snatch up his phone so you can’t see who it’s from, or does it make much of a difference for him? Does he make one excuse and then mixes it up with another? If he’s lying, dodging questions, or acting shifty, something’s wrong.

He’s Reliable

You can count on him to be there for you just as much on your bad days as you count on him to be there for the good. He’s honest, he’s trustworthy, and he’s open about it. Not just for you, but for all the people in his life that he cares deeply about.

You Dream of a Similar Future

If he’s the right one for you, eventually you’ll build a life together. What are his plans? What are his goals? Does he have any or is he shady about that subject whenever you want to ask?

He Doesn’t Dodge the Bill

A real gentleman doesn’t dodge the bill when he’s invited you out on a date. He’s more than happy to pay and doesn’t expect it to mean that you owe him anything.

You Feel Safe

When you’re with him, you feel safe to open your heart. You trust him, you can see a future with him, you’re not worried about whether or not he feels the same for you because you know that he does.

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