She Loved Him Unconditionally, But He Was Never Satisfied

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How could he not see that the support and love she showed him were real?

Her wanting to spend time with him had nothing to do with trying to tie him down, she simply wanted them to experience life together.

After all the things she did for him, he forgot she existed. He took for her granted, and in return, she became a little more guarded. She built up walls because he couldn’t be bothered to see that her love for him was the real thing.

She gave herself to him completely, and he used her for whatever he could get. She gave him everything she had, but he always wanted more. Continues on the next pages.

Her heart was nothing more than a pawn to him; he wanted control, so he took it.

How can he sleep at night knowing he ripped her heart and soul out over and over?

The moment he forgot she was the type of girl who would’ve stayed through anything was the moment she realized she was nothing to him.

It became clear that he couldn’t love her in the same way she loved him, so she decided to put herself first.

She picked herself up, saved what love she had left, and decided to no longer waste her precious energy on guys who’re only capable of thinking about themselves.

She left, and took with her everything she gave; that’s not her fault – it’s his.

While he may think of himself as high and mighty, she left because he couldn’t keep her. He couldn’t even acknowledge her hard work, driven spirit, and real love, let alone reciprocate.

She took on the world for him and it still wasn’t enough, so she walked away, leaving him to face this life alone. She just couldn’t be his lifeline anymore.

Now she’s moving toward a better place, all because he couldn’t see what she was made of.

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