She Hid Under The Bed To Test Her Relationship. What Her Boyfriend Did Had Her Floored

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Trust is the foundation that every relationship is built on. No matter how long you’ve been together, there are always those moments where that trust is put into question.
This seems like an age-old story. After a couple of years together, the spark in the relationship starts to fizzle out, and those feelings of doubt start to materialize.
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We all know that happy couple that’s just madly in love and aren’t afraid to let the world around them know it. Well, what happens behind closed doors? Maybe the relationship isn’t as rosy as they make it seem. This woman put her relationship to the test. She decided to write her boyfriend a heartfelt message, stating that their relationship was over, to see how he would react.

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Basically, she said that the relationship was over and that she didn’t see any sense in continuing the relationship. This was obviously a trick. She didn’t want to see him go, she just wanted to see how he would react if he thought she left him.

After she finished writing the note, she left it on her boyfriend’s desk in a place he was sure to find it. Obviously, she had to stick around to see his reaction, and you’ll never guess what her plan was!

Obviously, if you want to catch your boyfriend, you hide under the bed. Makes perfect sense to me.

Fast forward to when her boyfriend comes home. Obviously, her heart is racing a mile a minute as she’s pressed between the floorboards and the bed. He noticed the note and started to read, but when he finished, the woman was shocked! He was whistling and grabbed his phone, almost relieved! She heard her boyfriend say…

“Hello darling, I’m coming over. The dummy finally got the drift that I’ve been cheating. She’s finally left. What a mistake, that relationship. I’m so happy to be free of her. I wish I’d met you earlier. See you soon!”

She was crushed. She had no idea. Her boyfriend went on to collect a few things around the room and head off.

Once he left, the tears started to pour down her face as she crawled out from under the bed. That’s when she saw a second note on the desk, addressed to her. After reading it, she felt ashamed, but also seriously relieved. The letter read:
“You buffoon, next time you want to trick me, make sure your feet aren’t hanging out from under the bed. Just gone to the store. See you soon Love.”

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