See What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

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Your Tongue Says More Than Words

The tongue plays an important role in our life, some of its functions are related to talking, tasting, eating and last but not least, intimacy. Also the color, shape, smell and feeling of your tongue can alert you if there is something wrong about your health. Here are some tips to self-evaluate your tongue.

Healthy Tongue

This is how a healthy tongue looks like. Some small bumps might be present but you shouldn’t be concerned about them, as they are completely normal: those are your papillae and are responsible for letting you appreciate the taste of different foods!

Geographical Tongue

Even though this might look “weird”, it’s also completely normal. It’s called “Lingua Geographica” which means Geographical Tongue, and that’s because its map-like appearance. If your tongue looks like this one, you might have a higher sensitivity to spicy and sour foods. Medically speaking, there is nothing to worry about!

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