Say What You Want About Me, But I’m a Damn Good Mother

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In today’s society, it seems like every little thing that we do somehow subjects us to some type of criticism.

Okay, so maybe I’m not the best cook or don’t always dress in the most expensive clothes.

Maybe I can be a little bitchy and I tend to wear dark circles under my eyes like it’s the new fashion trend.

Maybe I’ve become ‘flaky’ on my friends because I won’t go out every weekend and party like I used to do.

Maybe I struggle to pay bills or can’t afford to live in the fanciest house or go out to dinner every night. Continues on the next pages…

But you know what?

My child is always fed and will always have clothes on their back. These dark circles come from waking up in the middle of the night to scare the monsters away and enjoying late night cuddles.

I don’t have time to go out

I don’t have time to always go out with friends because I’d rather watch cartoons under a warm blanket on the couch with my child, or spend the day at the park, reading books, or playing with PlayDoh to see the most beautiful smile in the world.

Maybe I’m broke because I refuse to let my child go without and I have bills to pay to make sure there’s a roof over our heads.

Little miracle

The second I became pregnant with my little miracle, I began to look at things differently. I started to look at things through the eyes of my precious baby. Eyes that deserve to be a priority. Eyes that deserve to be shown a world full of beautiful memories. Eyes that deserve to light up with happiness and most importantly, love.

There’s a million things in the world that you can criticize me about. I’m a mess more than half the time, I get stressed beyond belief and I’m nowhere near perfect. So say what you want about me, but I have an amazing child who is happy and healthy and very well taken care of.

I’m a damn good mother. And quite frankly, I can’t see anything more important than that.

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