Read This If Yet Another Guy Has Let You Down

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“You were always better than I was at letting go, better at turning off the lights, better at being alone. You were always the lighthouse, the port in a storm. You always needed me less, I always wanted you more. I just thought that if I loved you hard enough, you’d maybe not go.”

There’s a problem with letting your heart lead your decisions – you generally end up getting hurt.

You’re left wondering what you did wrong when the obvious answer is “nothing.” It’s not your fault the guy you thought was something couldn’t see what was sitting right in front of him.

He couldn’t come up with good reasons to push you away so he made it seem like you were doing something wrong to avoid facing the fact that he was the problem all along.

He pushed all your buttons and refused to admit that he had feelings for you until he finally succeeded in pushing you away; a decision he’ll one day regret.

You’re a strong independent young woman who has seen more than her share of heartache and drama and he was the one person you thought you could count on.

But you’ve never played the victim, so don’t start now. Don’t apologize for being yourself, because you are worthy of so much more than he had to offer. Article continues on the next pages.

I hope you don’t regret loving him. Regardless of how things ended, he taught you some valuable lessons.

Maybe he made you laugh when you didn’t want to, held you close when you felt weak, or just made you feel beautiful. I hope he reminded you that you’re smarter than you think.

He helped you become the person you are, a woman who knows what she wants and won’t let insecurities and fear ruin something good when she finds it.

You weren’t looking for Prince Charming to come and rescue you, you don’t need to be rescued. You take care of yourself and do a damn good job at it.

One day you’ll find the guy who wants to be a part of your journey and makes every heartbreak you’ve experienced in life feel worth it.

So I’ll quote the wonderful Taylor Swift who says it the best: “Cause I’m not your princess, this ain’t a fairy tale, I’m gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well.”

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