Pregnant Woman Dies Four Months Before Giving Birth

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This Woman Risked It All

Meet Sandra Pedro, a Portuguese woman who was warned by her doctor that giving birth would be incredibly risky for her considering her health conditions. She did it anyway, making the ultimate sacrifice for her child.

Not A Healthy Woman

She was not a healthy woman. Because of her kidney and heart problems, her doctors urged her not to go through with the pregnancy.

Pronounced Dead

Tragically, Sandra had a massive brain hemorrhage and was pronounced dead. Although she was brain dead, the baby was still alive and well, much to the surprise of the doctors.

They Kept The Baby Alive

In a stunning decision, Sandra’s family decided to keep her alive via life support. The baby continued to grow healthily.

The Baby Was Born

Despite being premature, the baby was healthy and weighed over 5 pounds. The doctors were all very impressed.

They Pulled The Plug

After the baby was born, the family did the humane thing and disconnected Sandra from life support. Although she was dead, she had given the family the gift of life.

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