Parents Sent to Prison for 20 Years for Not Feeding Their Child

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Bad Parenting

Why would you have a child just to disturb them? That’s the case with this couple out of Washington state. They simply enjoyed torturing their kid and are now paying the price for it. Continues on the next pages.


The couple, Lori Lloyd and Christophe Sefton parented Christophe’s child, but enjoyed torturing him. What does that mean? They forced him to do very difficult exercises and was even deprived of sleep.

Hungry Living

Starving, sleep depriving and forced exercising are the conditions that their child was forced to experience. They were sentenced to at least 20 years in prison for their treatment of this young boy.

To the Rescue

In 2014, the boy was finally rescued from this horrible treatment. He was underweight, yet too tall for boys his age. His stomach was clearly swollen and was clearly malnourished.

Hunger Pains

They also tortured two other children that were also theirs. These other children were forced to eat from the trash due to the horrendous living conditions they were in. The school had to be the ones to reach out to the authorities to inquire about what was going on in that home.

Lunchtime Tales

After coming to school with bloody lips and bruises, the staff at the school knew they had to do something. The couple even went as far as telling the school NOT to serve the children any food.

Time Served

Well, finally, justice was served with that 20-year sentence. Children should never be subjected to preventable and psychotic living conditions such as these.

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