No One Believed Daddy When He Described His Baby and Cat’s Morning Ritual. So He Caught THIS

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Babies love to babble and make adorable noises. What, if anything, they may be trying to actually say is anyone’s guess because the sounds that come out of them are usually impossible to understand! In a similar sense the same goes for cats and the different meows, growls, purrs, and chirps they make. There’s no real way to truly interpret the meanings behind them.

While grown ups may be in the dark when it comes to what their pets and infant children are voicing, that doesn’t stop the two different species from having a little chit chat every now and then.A YouTube user named Lenny noticed that his young baby daughter and the family tabby cat were always having their own full length conversations. He captured one of their interactions on video to preserve the memory and thankfully shared the interesting and adorable clip online.

According to Lenny this doesn’t occur randomly, instead his daughter and the cat hold mini conversations regularly. Every day the pair happily babble back and forth, just like how you see them here in the video. They seem to get lost in their strange conversation and are oblivious to the world around them.

What’s most surprising about this clip is that the adorable tabby actually seems to understand exactly what the little girl is saying. The cat responds to her in kind with soft meows, making it seem as if they’re really engaged in an intelligible conversation. The kitty also stays close by Lenny’s daughter rather than walk off or stop replying, and follows her around as if it wants to keep chatting with her!

Check out the adorable pair to see just how cute and sweet their mini-conversation is. You’re guaranteed to smile and will really enjoy this short video if you happen to love both cats and babies!

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