No Child Deserves the Heartbreak That Comes with Having a Deadbeat Parent

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I just don’t get it.

I don’t understand how you can actually live with yourself.

How the hell do you wake up in the morning and go about your goddamn day knowing that half of you is running around this world without you there to kiss them good morning? Continues on the next pages…

How the actual f*ck are you able smile knowing that you’re actually one of the most disgusting humans on earth?

You’ve helped create a life, a single human life that is unique and unlike any other. The sickest part of this all is that you don’t care.

You don’t have any appetite for your child’s love. But still, you smile like nothing is wrong.

You grin from ear to ear knowing that you’ve escaped the hardest job any human can have on this planet. Wipe the smile off your face because you’re scum.

Only scum lets other people raise their children.

I hope that on the day you’re finally ready to spend time with your children, they walk away from you like you walked out on them.

No child deserve to be abandoned. No child deserve to live with the confusion of loneliness.

You screwed up the life of someone you never even took the time to love.

You do not deserve to be a parent. You don’t even deserve the privilege of looking at pictures of the lives you helped create.

I hope the world eventually screws you over the way you did your own children.

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