Mother of Three Attacks Teens Bullying her Daughter

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Joanne Higgs

Joanne Higgs is a 33 year old mother of a teenage girl, Demi Knox. Knox was being bullied at her Middle School for years when Higgs decided to take action. Higgs attacked two teenage girls, ages 15 and 13.

Dominique Nash

Dominique Nash, age 15, was one of the girls that Higgs attacked. Higgs says that Nash was bullying her daughter in the playground at school. Nash was left with a black eye after being chased down, punched and pushed by Higgs.


Higgs was found guilty of assaulting the two girls. She was given a suspended sentence of 15 weeks per girl and no jail time. Higgs claims she was defending her daughter who had to be removed from school when she was beaten up on the premises.


Higgs says that the incident started when a group of students gathered outside of her house throwing eggs. Higgs tried calling the police but the teenagers continued to shout and taunt outside of Higgs’ house. The police never came. Higgs would like to put all of this behind her.


Higgs just wants peace for her and her daughter. She tried resolving things with the school and parents but to no avail. The school commented that they were “dismayed and disgusted” that students were attacked by an adult.

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