Mother Kills Her 8 Newborn Babies Over 10 Years For The Most Selfish Reasons

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12 Jul 16

The bodies of eight deceased newborn babies were found in an apartment in Germany, with the mother of the dead children charged with their murders. Andrea G., the woman in question, is 45 years old and lives with her 55-year-old husband, Johann G. Astonishingly, Andrea admits to killing several of the babies, but “can’t remember” the exact number. She’s being charged with the murders and her husband is charged with being an accessory to murder. Keep reading to learn more about the woman that killed her own babies for the most selfish reasons right here.


Andrea and Johann have three children together, with each having two other kids from previous marriages. A number of years ago, Johann told Andrea that he did not want any more children.


According to The Daily Mail, Johann and Andrea’s mother told Andrea to undergo sterilization so that she wouldn’t become pregnant again. She did not listen.


Police were informed by neighbors of some odd activities. The informant told authorities that Andrea would often be pregnant, but no babies were ever seen. This led to a search of the apartment and the discovery of the eight corpses.


In her confession, Andrea admitted to giving birth to each of the eight children found at the couples apartment.


Andrea would give birth, wrap the newborn baby in a towel, and hide them in the apartment’s sauna, which had been used as storage for quite some time.


If the newborns starting making any noise, such as crying, Andrea would strangle them right away. She stored the bodies in towels, tupperware, and the like in order to hide them.


According to Andrea, she once revealed a 2003 pregnancy to her husband, who became irate. He said he did not want any more children. In response, Andrea forgot about her own pregnancy.


Prosecutors believe that Andrea repeated this pattern with her other pregnancies. Forgetting about it until the baby was born, which she then killed.

Not the only time this has happened. Astonishingly, Andrea G.’s story isn’t the only time a mother has made headlines for murdering several of her newborn children.

Megan Huntsman.

In 2014, a woman named Megan Huntsman was charged with murdering 6 of her newborn children and hiding their bodies in her garage.


Just like Andrea G., Huntsman admitted that she didn’t remember the exact number of babies she had killed.


Though she was charged with the death of 6 of her newborns, there were at least 7 or 8 bodies found on her property. She strangled them, placed them inside plastic bags, and then stored them inside boxes in the garage.


Also like Andrea G., Hunstman’s killing spree spanned a number of years – from 1996 to 2006.


While Andrea and her husband didn’t want anymore kids, leading to the murders, Megan Huntsman’s reasons for killing her own newborns are still a mystery.

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