Most Women Don’t Know These Things About Their Periods

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It’s Not Just Blood That Leaves The Body

On average, a woman will release 35 mL of fluid during her period. It contains blood, tissue, and mucus.

No More Shaming

For many years, the blue liquid was used in advertisements of feminine products. In 2011 that changed, as a company started to use a red dot instead. There shouldn’t be any shame when it comes to the inner-workings of the body.

Tampons Are The Main Method Of Absorption

Though 70% of Western women use tampons for their periods, there are many more ways of handling the menstruation period.

Body And Space

Experts think that the menstrual cycle could be tied to the moon, with the most common start date of the cycle beginning on a new moon. The cycle varies in length from 21 to 35 days.

PMS Has Many Side-Effects…

The most common symptom of PMS though, is clumsiness. Frustrating!

That’s A Long Time

A woman will spend about 7-10% of her life on periods.

Not All Creatures Have Periods

Actually, humans are one of the very few animals that have periods!

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