Mom’s Newborn Son Cries Out In Pain. When She Opens The Fridge She Realizes Her Horrifying Mistake…

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102° Temperature

Lucinda’s two-week-old son was acting strange. In June 2014, this mother of two realized that the way the baby was crying was not normal. His skin turned red and his temperature reached 102 degrees. So she rushed him to the hospital.

Listeria Meningitis

There, after a spinal tap was performed, it revealed that the little boy had listeria meningitis. This is not something you can catch from other people, but it has to do with something the mother ate near delivery date. But Lucinda had been careful of what she ingested during pregnancy, so what could it have been?

Cold Cuts

Cold cuts are deli meats and cheeses that are eaten cold. Listeria bacteria can live at refrigerated temperatures without any problems. It won’t affect the mother, but a baby’s immune system can´t deal with them.

Ezra Is Safe

If they hadn’t treated baby Ezra in time, they would have lost him. So please bare this in mind: never eat cold cuts if you’re expecting.

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