Mom Wakes Up In Hospital to Find Another Patient Holding Her Baby and Nurses LAUGHING

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Her Baby Was Taken

An infant named Lorelei was taken right out her mother’s care by some very irresponsible nurses. They later took her to a hospital room of another patient and let this random woman play with the child.

Lory Beth Snyder

Meet Lory Beth Snyder, the mother of Lorelei woke up after resting to find her baby had vanished. Her child had been admitted to the hospital for treatment, and some random woman just wandered in and took her from the room where she and her mother were staying.

She Wandered Down The Halls Looking For Her

She wandered down the hospital hallways looking for her daughter, when she found her in a room of another patient, surrounded by nurses, all of whom were laughing. It turns out this random woman decided she would just take her child for a little walk, without even bothering to think about how much her mother would be panicking.

She Even Had The Audacity To Ask For The Baby Back

This crazy woman even demanded that Lorelei’s mother give the child back after the mother had rightfully taken back her own baby. Nurses had to forcibly remove her in the end.

The Hospital’s Official Statement

Now the hopsital is on full damage control. It seems like they are trying to say it wasn’t anyone’s fault, but how could that be?

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