Mom Wakes Up At 3am To Check On Her Crying Baby, Instantly Realizes Something Is Terribly Wrong

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Baby Celia

Baby Celia woke her parents up at 3am on night, not unusual for her. Monique or Kyle Ruppel typically rock her back to sleep, sometimes changing her diaper. This particular night she was crying really hard, and Monique made her way to her daughter’s room. Article continues on the next pages.


As Monique was approaching her baby’s room, she became very dizzy, and when Kyle woke up he knew something was wrong. Both their eyes were burning, they felt nauseous, and had feelings of vertigo. Quickly, thy packed a bag and gathered up Celia, who was vomiting by now, and their cat collapsed.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Kyle’s parents showed up just before he collapsed, calling 911. All three were rushed to the hospital and found to be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. The family were airlifted to Vancouver and were placed in a Hyperbaric Chamber for 2.5 hours, three times.


Both Monique and Kyle called their baby Celia, their hero. Her crying saved their lives. If not for her awakening her parents, the situation could have been fatal for all three. ‘This precious little angel did something extraordinary. Something she will not fully understand until she is grown. She literally saved our lives.’

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