Mom Puts Baby In The Oven Because He Was “Too Light Skinned”

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A gruesome incident involving a two week old baby occurred in Los Angeles, California. The police were informed by the 12 year old daughter of Annette Willis, a 33 year old mother, that her baby brother has been put in an oven by her mom. The police reached her home soon and found the door locked so had to break through the window to get in. Article continues in the next pages.


After the police broke into the home, they found that a baby who is only two weeks old was put in an oven, and incurred third-degree burns. The police arrested Willis, and immediately put her in the Los Angeles County jail.


Further inspection revealed that she was under the influence of a drug called “Flakka”. This cheap, synthetic drug has been known to cause hysteria in several patients for several years, and similar incidents are often associated with this drug.


Willis confessed to the police that the skin color of her baby was too light. She wanted to make the skin color darker, and had no intention of hurting the little child. She said that she wanted to turn the skin color to that of Wesley Snipes.


The Child Protective Services is now taking care of the infant along with the other 9 children. Willis will stay in jail until her court hearing.

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