Mom Notices A Scary Rash On Her Toddler’s Legs. Then She Remembers What Happened At Breakfast

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This Mom Found A Strange Rash On Her Daughter

This woman, named Misty Lyn, found a strange rash on her daughter Harper’s leg. It was because she ate Apple Jacks cereal for the first time that morning.

Apple Jacks Is Illegal In Europe

Apple Jacks is a very dangerous cereal. It’s illegal in Europe, so why is it allowed in America?

Toxic Food Dyes

The cereal contains several food dyes known to cause behavioral problems in children. It also can cause allergic reactions like rashes.


The cereal also contains several pesticides. These were found by scientists to cause tumors in mice.

Yellow Dye #6

Yellow dye #6 is especially dangerous. It’s in a lot of our food, and it’s illegal in places like Norway and Finland.

Red Dye #40

Red dye #40 is another dangerous chemical in Apple Jacks that causes health problems. It could have been this that caused the rashes for little baby Harper.

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