Mom Gets Pregnant With Triplets, Doctors Reveal Something Amazing

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They haven’t planned for it, they never thought of any more babies, as they were happy with one, until Amber Omaha with her family found out they were pregnant with triplets.

The story doesn’t end here; Not only the news shocked them, but during Morgan’s ultrasound doctors found something miraculous in her belly.

Amber Omaha has been gifted with three beautiful babies.

“It’s just non-stop. Just Go! I mean, you get done with one and you’re on to the next.” said Amber Omaha.

The three girls are indentical.

Yes, identical triplets, I know we always have heard of identical twins, but this is true. Doctors say this is a rare condition you can see it one in a million.

The couple didn’t use any drug for this miracle.

Amber says, they are spontaneous triplets, she did not use any fertility drug for this.

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