Man Who Slammed 5-Week-Old Infant Repeatedly On Concrete Learns His Fate

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Lillian Grace Lloyd

This precious little baby died in a horrible fashion on September 29, 2015. Her name is Lillian Grace Lloyd, and she was just 5-weeks-old when Dalton Davis took her from her crib and slammed her head against the pavement a couple of times. Article continues on the next pages.

He killed the helpless child

After the baby had passed, Davis took her body back and laid her in the crib the baby’s mother and his girlfriend, Courtney Lloyd, could find the remains. Courtney found Lillian several hours later. Court documents indicated that hours before the infant’s death, Courtney and Davis had been fighting. When Courtney went to take a nap, Davis killed the helpless child.

65 years

Because of the severity of the crime and because, Davis showed no signs of remorse, he was sentenced to 65 years in prison with no possibility of bail until he has served 55 years. Davis had pleaded guilty and got the maximum sentence.

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