Man Finds An Old Picture Of His Girlfriend And Is Shocked By What He Sees

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A Young Man’s Girlfriend

Imgur user, Evanaka1234 recently posted the picture above with an incredible story. The picture is one of his girlfriend when she was little. He chuckled and joked that she looked like a little “imp”. But then he got a closer look and he noticed something…

An Unbelievable Coincidence

When he got a closer look at the old photo, he thought the little blonde boy sitting next to his girlfriend looked familiar too. . . It was then when he then realized, the blonde boy was him!

Cute Kids & A Cute Couple

Imgur user evanaka1234 discovered he and his girlfriend attended pre school many years ago Credit: evanaka1234/Imgur

The young man called his mom to help him understand the story behind his discovery. She told him that when he was 3-years-old he went to a preschool where his girlfriend had also gone when she was the same age. . . it’s just that the two didn’t remember each other. They were cuties then, BUT truly make a cute couple now.

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