Letting Go of Your Deadbeat Baby Daddy

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My whole day is off if kids are away from me

You can go weeks without talking to your kids. My whole day is off if they are away from me.

You prefer to spend your weekends drinking and clubbing. I prefer family fun nights.

You show your status by brand name clothes, fancy electronics, and expensive cars. I show my status by working hard and trying to be a good mom. Continues on the next pages…

Education is power

You think money is power. I think education is power.

We both think we are successful. We are both happy with our different lives.

I’m wasting time being sad for you and what you are missing out on. You aren’t sad. You are experiencing the things you want to experience.

I’m wasting my time hating you because you want different things in life. Hating you isn’t keeping you from doing what you enjoy doing.

My bad feelings toward you affect my heart, not yours.

I don’t like the choices you’ve made or the person you’ve become. I especially don’t like the pain you have caused.

With a smile on my face and tears in my eyes, I’m letting my hatred go.

I’m done. Done hoping and praying. Done believing things will change. I’m letting my feelings go and accepting you for exactly who you are. I won’t expect any more from you than what you have been willing to give.

Do what makes you happy.

Be with who makes you smile. Live the life that you love.

I hope as the years go by and your kids grow up that you have no regrets.

My only regret is that I didn’t let you go sooner.

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