Ladies, This Is What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About You

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Lips & Love

“The most important thing your lips speak to is what you’re like in relationships and how giving you are,” says Jean Hanner, an expert in face reading.

Small lips

Those with small lips are kind and generous people. Don’t take their kindness for weakness however, as small-lipped people can be extremely rebellious!

Big lips

Big lips equal big personality, and an even bigger love for being in control.. You’ll never catch this person alone or without those who care about her around.

Full lips

Many men desire women who have full lips, as they ooze seduction. But you’ll be surprised at the level of immaturity these women are on…with no fear of looking goofy.

Thin Lips

Many people are insecure about their thin lips, thus becoming insecure in all aspects of their lives. But they let their practicality lead their lives, and are never too overwhelmed by an inferiority complex.


Their heart lips are just as seductive as their personality, causing many to become the center of attention wherever they go. They are fully aware of their lip power, and know exactly how to get what they want!

Low Angle Lips

Mystery comes from women with these type of lips, as the’re mostly withdrawn from those around them. Their quietness and picky personality might come across as conceited, but they have a great heart deep down.

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