Just a Mom

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There’s much more to it than that.

In the world today, people ask, “What do you do?” When I respond by saying I am a stay-at-home mom, the reaction is typically, “You’re just a mom.” This statement in nowhere near describes what being a stay-at-home mom entails. There are many roles we moms play on a daily basis. Moms are teachers, counselors, nurses, housekeepers, and the list goes on.

First of all, home is a child’s first classroom. Being at home with my kids, I am my children’s first teacher. I prepared them for their first day of Kindergarten. Mom taught them ABCs and 123s. I taught them manners and respect for others. They learned to say please and thank you, and to have respect for adults. As a parent, I shape the minds of my children in order for them to become successful members of society. When they attend school, we still continue teaching as their tutor. Sometimes I have to look up how to do third grade math because they don’t do it the way I learned so I can help them get homework done. We go to conferences with teachers and work on areas our children are struggling in. Continues on the next pages…

We are also our children’s first counselor.

When they come home from school upset about anything—whether it be a bully at school, a friend moving away, a breakup, boy/girlfriend issues, or countless other problems—I’m the one here to give them the comfort, advice, and encouragement to get past the issue and move on in life with confidence. I’m also the hug they need or the shoulder to cry on.

I also am their personal nurse.

I’m up all hours of the night checking temperatures, giving medicines, or just consoling my sick baby back to sleep. I also have to make sure they are eating and drinking enough, and eating the proper foods in order to feel better. On top of that, I have to clean up sick messes in the middle of the night. I am my family’s “nurse.”

I am also the housekeeper.

In doing all that needs to be done, there are vacuuming and dishes daily. Laundry has to be washed, folded, and put away. Pet’s messes need to be cleaned up. Fish tanks need to be cleaned. I am the supervisor of children’s chores being done—and not just done, but done the right way.

Another “job” I have is the house secretary.

I have to organize the family schedule, making sure doctors appointments are made and kept, as well as children’s school activities written down and attended on time. I have to remember my husband’s schedule and make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be.

In the end, being “just a mom” entails so many more titles.

What is listed above is only a small portion of the day. There is still picking up and dropping kids places, grocery shopping, cooking, feeding animals, helping out at school functions… and on and on and on. There are many days I am in my car from early in the morning until late afternoon. There is rarely time for mom to relax or take naps. So, the next time you feel the urge to say to someone, “You are just a mom,” I hope you will reconsider. Instead of saying that awful phrase, which irritates us all, congratulate a mom instead because she usually falls in bed every night totally exhausted and gets up before anyone else the next day to do it all over again—usually with no thanks. She does it because she loves her family and has chosen to be “just a mom.”

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