It’s Okay That Your Dad Isn’t Here, I Always Will Be

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I’ve been doing this alone since the day I found out I was pregnant.

I knew that you deserved a better childhood than I had, though my childhood was great, I wanted yours to be fantastic.

I knew that you deserved an amazing mother and that I had to make life changes to do that.

One of those life changes was letting go of the boy I knew would never turn into a man. And he didn’t stop me.

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I fell in love

From the moment I heard your heartbeat, I fell in love. Everything became so real. There was this life form growing inside me and it was all mine.

All these emotions were whirling around inside me, fear, happiness, love…but I knew then what I still know now: You are going to have the best life I can provide.

The boy that got me pregnant couldn’t do that for you, only I could. He wasn’t mature. He wasn’t the boy of my dreams. Letting him go was easy.

Normal life

I wanted and still want a normal life for you, a 2 parent home in a good neighborhood with great schools.

A house full of happiness, love, and laughter. And for the most part, I’ve given you everything, except a man to call dad.

And you seem to be okay with it.

Your life is normal, I just happen to be both your mom and your dad.

I teach you not only how to be lady like, but how to fight like a boy. We aren’t afraid of bugs, well maybe just a little, but we do our best not to show it.

Loving family

We play catch, play with trucks, and princesses. Your grandpa shows you how a man is supposed to treat you. And I remind you how beautiful you are.

I participate in all your school events and field trips. I take you to all your extracurricular activities.

I’m there for every skinned knee and unreasonable temper tantrum. I’m always where ever you need me to I’m always where ever you need me to be without any hesitation.

You may not have a “normal” family, but you do have a loving one.

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