If You’re A Mom Who Feels Forgotten, Remember This

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The worst feeling isn’t being lonely. It’s being forgotten by someone you would never forget – Anon

It wasn’t that you always felt this way, it was that over time you felt like people suddenly started to forget about you.

You remembered what it was like to carry passion, and excitement – you felt loved, and you gave it in return.

You were with someone or some group of people that made you feel things in ways you never thought you could.

You experienced life differently because of them.

Life felt better because you had your people. Ad they made you feel wanted, needed, loved. It was glorious. It was what you expected out of life, and what you hoped would never change… Continues on the next pages…

But things changed anyways.

And they stopped asking how you were. And they stopped inviting you out.

And they forgot about the messages you sent. They stopped reaching out for you because life took them away without you even wanting them to.

You feel like it’s your fault they don’t want you around anymore.

That maybe you were too annoying for them to handle. You felt like you gave your all but your all wasn’t good enough.

And it cuts you to the core because you aren’t sure what you did.

You just know you feel lost, and you feel forgotten.

You just know you feel like everyone has forgotten who you are and that your existence is very much real.

You just know your miss your people and wonder if they miss you in return.

And you may want things back to normal so you hold onto the idea that time won’t change everything. You carry them with you because even though they forget you, you still remember them.

You hold onto them because they mean something to you. They helped you become the person you are today.

But I want you to know this…

True friendship…

True love…

True relationships aren’t like this.

People who care about you will never stop making you feel important. They will never forget how you made them feel, or just how important you are in their life. Relationships of any kind take time and trust. They don’t just stop when it’s convenient for others. True love of any kind, even if it is just friendship – means both parties are working together.

Good people never give up on you.

They never make you feel helpless or left out. They never leave you wondering if you made a mistake, or you talked too much. They will hold onto you because they want you by their side.

And when people seem to fade, and they seem to drift away without explanation…let them..

I want you to find better people in your life. I hope you find people who are worth holding onto you as much as you are for them.

People will come and go, and you deserve people who will give you the effort you put in.

So when people start to make you question your value – let them leave.

When they seem to forget about you over and over again – let them be.

When they make you feel forgotten even when you remember all there is to who they are – let them go.

When you feel broken because no seems to care about you – let love..

When people make you feel like they have turned their backs on you – walk away.

It is a difficult thing to figure out, and I understand that.

But never let people make you feel like you are the least important thing out there. But real people who love and care about you, will never make you feel forgotten.

You are important and you deserve the good people in this life.

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