Husband Finds Wife In Baby’s Crib, Then Realizes The Stunning Reason She Climbed In…

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Why Do Babies Cry?

The reason is not as simple as you may think. Babies do not always cry out because they need something. And sometimes they do not cry even though they desperately need attention.

Meet Dayna

Recently, Dayna posted a picture of herself with her baby in the crib. She came to her baby, Luella to soothe her when she was crying. But she has another story to tell.

She Remembers Her Promise She Made To Her Baby

Dayna always remembers one simple promise she made to her baby. This was a promise made long ago, when she was first born. She promised she would always come to her baby, no matter what. But why did she make this promise?

She Heard A Missionary Say Something In A Speech

Shortly after Luella was born, Dayna attended a speech given by a missionary. The missionary had worked in an orphanage, and he had a stunning story to tell. While he was in the orphanage, he noticed something strange… Complete and utter silence.

Why Were The Babies Silent?

The pastor went on to explain why the babies in the Ugandan orphanage were silent. At a certain point, he said, the babies stop crying because deep down the know no one will ever come to them. Dayna was completely shocked, and she fell to her knees at the auditorium.

It Changed Dayna’s Whole Approach To Her Baby

Dayna felt like a new mom. The missionary’s speech changed the way she viewed motherhood forever. Never again would she let her baby cry without coming to her.

Children Are Precious

This just goes to show how important babies are. Those first few years of life makes a huge difference in their future lives. Whether or not a baby is well-cared for or ignored may be the difference between them growing up to be axe murderers and going on to be meaningful contributors to society.

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