How To Naturally Cure Age Spots, Skin Tags, Warts And Blackheads

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Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Many people believe skin tags grow because of genetics, while others believe it’s due to hygiene and constant rubbing of the skin. The cure to these pesky growths is apple cider vinegar, with 2-3 applications per day. After a few weeks, the skin tag should eventually fall off with ease. Article continues on the next pages.


Contracting the human papilloma virus aka HPV results in unwanted warts, but fear not because it can easily be fixed. The best option is to rub banana peels on wart multiple times per day, while raw honey, apple cider vinegar, and garlic are also quick solutions.

Dark/Age Spots

Liver irregularities and sun damage result in dark and age spots on your face, but can easily be brightened with the acidic components found in lemon juice. Vitamin C serums, aloe vera, and even onion juice can lighten the very noticeable spots.


Dirty or clogged pores create a wonderful build up on your face (typically the nose) called blackheads. Using sugar to exfoliate your skin will cause the impurities to pop out with ease, simply massage the mixture on your face with an organic cotton swab.

You can also boil a pot of water and place your face over it with a towel covering the back of your head over the pot. Steam your face for 10 to 15 minutes for amazingly fast results!

Stay Healthy And Happy!

Remember to always keep your health in mind, as it’s truly all you have in life. Be sure to keep yourself clean and properly fed with a healthy diet. You’ll feel happier, more confident and accomplished when you take the necessary steps to remain healthy.

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