His Wife Has Been Hiding A Secret From Him. After 21 Years She Tells Him To Go Outside In The Rain

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This Father Is In For A Crazy Surprise

Do you see the car right at the bottom of the screen? That’s the car that the father of Stephanie had to sell so she could pay for her seminary.

Now He’s Got It Back

Look at his face when he comes around the corner. He has just seen his baby, a 1936 Ford Sedan.

He Is Speechless

All he can do is stand there speechless as his family films his reaction. It was a car that won first place in many car shows.

He Can’t Face Them

The guy is starting to choke up. He can’t bear to face his family in this emotional moment.

He Cries

He is reduced to tears. His family did their best to get it back for him, tracking it down and eventually driving halfway across America to get it.

He Reads The Key

His family tells him to read the key. There’s an inscription on it.

It Refers To A Bible Quote

It’s the name of a passage in the bible. His wife finds the passage and reads it for a truly touching moment.

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