Guy Offers To Rent Out His Parenting Services To Deadbeat Dads

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An Australian man has started a pretty unusual business venture; ‘renting’ out his parenting services to deadbeat dads.

Jake James, of Blue Haven, New South Wales, has spread the word about his services, sharing a tongue-in-cheek advert via social media.

Jake’s range of genuinely quite practical services include up to two weekends each month and a maximum of three kid-chosen activities.

In what will surely be music to non-athletic parents’ ears, Jake will also attend all sporting events.

This extensive list of daddy services also includes three hours of ‘instructed learning of valuable skills’, such as car maintenance and lawn mowing, as well as school drop offs and pickups.

In his Facebook post, which has since been shared well over a thousand times, Jake wrote:

Has your baby daddy been acting up?

Tired of him playing games? Does he put drugs and his mates before his kids? Get yourself a rent a daddy !!

Jake has set his rate at a fairly reasonable (although I honestly have no expertise in this area) $30 per hour, plus a 20% surcharge for Sundays after 4.00pm. Dinner dates are ‘payable by you’ and ‘private time is negotiable upon application’.

For this particular extra, Jake has stipulated that kids will either need to be fast asleep, or away from the premises entirely. Clients will also need to pay extra for special services such as family events, birthday parties, family selfies and Facebook relationship statuses.

Jake’s post has since caused great amusement, with many people making further daft enquiries about his intriguing business idea. One woman even tagged her partner, warning that he ‘better be on his best behaviour… seems there are better options available’.
One person said:

I love the initiative. Application will be submitted and with first month’s payment upfront. You know….for the kids lol

Another jested:

I’m just curious. Does he have the right credentials? Working with children check? Car? Licence? 6 pack? Good in bed?

Responding to the many, many comments his post received, Jake joked:

Hump day special, first hour free and each child gets a lolly bag.

Of course, it would appear that Jake is just having a bit of a laugh, and he’s certainly given us a good chuckle.

In reality, whether there’s a deadbeat dad in your life or not, you should never, ever entrust your child to a complete stranger unless obviously they are a qualified childcare professional.

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