Ex-Wife Gets Revenge On Cheating Husband With An Absolutely Brilliant Plan

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Well, right here you can just get to see in details what the ex wife of a man does to take revenge on her husband, when he just breaks her heart.

20 Years of Marriage

Jake had divorced Edith, his wife of 20 years, for his secretary, and the younger woman wanted to actually move into his million dollar mansion. At her request, Jake had fought Edith with high powered lawyers and even won the house in the settlement.

Three Days To Leave the Place

Edith only had three days to get out of the house. Quickly, she packed and hired a moving company to take her to her new apartment.

One Last Meal

Before she left the house she had one last meal in the big, living room, lighting candles and then putting on some music. She dined on shrimp with caviar and toasted her new life with some champagne.

Revenge has been taken

After she was really stuffed, she just took the leftover shrimp and then went into all the rooms in the house, stuffing the fish dipped in caviar, into the curtain rods. Then she just left.

Jake Just Moved Back In

Jake and his new girlfriend had moved back into the house and were in bliss for a few days, but eventually the house actually began to wreak of something really horrid.

Tried Everything

They had just vacuumed, cleaned, wiped, and even used air fresheners, but nothing would rid the house of the awful smell. Not being able to stand the strange and disgusting odor, Jake and his girlfriend just moved out of the house and put it up for sale, but no one would even buy it after actually smelling it, with the place soon becoming known as the stink house.


When Edith had actually learned that he had left the house, she just offered to lower his alimony payments if he would let her buy the house back for 1/10 of its actual worth. Gladly, he just agreed, figuring she would really be very miserable there with that smell. Jake stood outside as the movers packed all his belongings into a moving truck, along with all the curtain rods. Revenge has been taken at its best.

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